Dec 15, 2014:

8:05 PM Ticket #10853 (problem with detection of const_cast_from) closed by Ion Gaztañaga
fixed: I added your proposal to the pointer_traits documentation: SHA-1: …
8:02 PM Ticket #10875 (BOOST_NO_CXX11_HDR_TYPE_TRAITS for recent CLANG) created by Robert Ramey
I'm running the following test program on my MAC OS with the latest …
4:30 PM Ticket #10798 (boost::movelib::unique_ptr resolves typedef pointer with the deletor's) closed by Ion Gaztañaga
wontfix: The reason is that the standard mandates that: …
4:21 PM Ticket #6167 (Assignment from a temporary of a class containing boost::unordered_map ...) closed by Ion Gaztañaga
wontfix: After three years, I'm afraid the best thing to do is to close the …
11:26 AM Ticket #8846 (Improvements to Spirit Qi Qt QString custom_string.cpp example) closed by Joel de Guzman

Dec 14, 2014:

9:44 PM Ticket #10874 (Tips To Understanding The Important Details Of Van Insurance) created by dianagillan@…
[[iframe …
8:18 PM Ticket #10873 (polymorphic archive saving std::shared_ptr<>, no member named "get_helper"") created by anonymous
This is a re-report of bug pointed out by Danny K in the lists: …
4:28 PM Ticket #10792 (wiki is horribly stale) closed by John Maddock
4:26 PM Ticket #10816 (Minor typo in Boost.Math) closed by John Maddock
fixed: No problem, thanks for the patches however they come!
1:04 AM Ticket #10872 (MSVC static analyser warning in Boost.System) created by Niall Douglas
boost\system\detail\error_code.ipp(422) : warning C6102: Using …
1:00 AM Ticket #10871 (Warnings in Boost.System when built on 64 bit system on MSVC) created by Niall Douglas
.\boost/system/detail/error_code.ipp(384) : warning C4267: 'argument' …

Dec 13, 2014:

4:11 PM Ticket #10537 (Application crash on throw exception) closed by viboes
duplicate: Yes, as there is a throw. I will move it as duplicated of #5516.
4:05 PM Ticket #10826 (Add scheduled executor operations) closed by viboes
4:05 PM Ticket #10824 (Boost.Thread 1.57 breaks Windows XP compatibility for SP2 and below.) closed by viboes
4:05 PM Ticket #10737 (In serial_executor we have infinite wait if task throw exception.) closed by viboes
4:04 PM Ticket #10736 (Task exceptions silently ignored. I think std::terminate solution from ...) closed by viboes
4:04 PM Ticket #10734 (Submit method work differently on different executors, some throw ...) closed by viboes
4:04 PM Ticket #10611 (Add emplace promise::set_value and emplace make_ready_future) closed by viboes
4:04 PM Ticket #9600 (Add task_region) closed by viboes
2:09 PM Ticket #10822 (Boost.Thread fails to compile on Android) closed by Niall Douglas
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