Mar 23, 2015:

8:45 PM Ticket #10399 (Breaking change in Boost.Optional) closed by akrzemi1
8:41 PM Ticket #10060 (Boost.Optional documentation doesn't say which header to include) closed by akrzemi1
8:40 PM Ticket #4049 (No mention of header files in boost::optional documentation) closed by akrzemi1
8:38 PM Ticket #10839 (dereferencing of rvalue optional<T&> fails due to invalid assignment ...) closed by akrzemi1
fixed: Value accessors in rvalues of optional references now work correctly.
8:36 PM Ticket #11087 (Converting assignment operator is too generous) closed by akrzemi1
8:34 PM Ticket #11088 (Converting assignment operator is too generous) closed by akrzemi1
8:20 PM Ticket #11135 (SIMD optimizations for UUIDs break operator< comparisons) created by Krishna Ersson <kersson@…>
The addition of SIMD optimizations for UUIDs in Boost 1.57 causes …
4:29 PM Ticket #11127 ([bb10/qnx failures] Build error) closed by Robert Ramey

Mar 22, 2015:

10:33 PM Ticket #10703 (boost_1_56_0\boost/serialization/shared_ptr.hpp(161) : error C2059: ...) closed by Robert Ramey
invalid: there is no way I can do anything with so little information. Robert Ramey
7:35 PM Ticket #11134 (MSM: adjust type fusion::nil to fusion::nil_) created by jared.grubb+boost@…
In order to help with some ObjectiveC++ issues, the boost fusion code …

Mar 21, 2015:

11:22 PM Ticket #11133 (Graph: using 'nil' as a local variable) created by jared.grubb+boost@…
The word "nil" is a keyword in Objective-C++ (this is C++ with the …
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