Nov 5, 2015:

4:02 PM Guidelines/ModerationRejection edited by Beman Dawes
Tweak wording after feedback from other Moderators (diff)
11:29 AM Ticket #11785 (specializing boost::range_const_iterator has no effect on ...) created by Tobias Reh <treh@…>
see the following code: […] See …

Nov 4, 2015:

10:00 PM Ticket #11784 (basic_xml_grammar.hpp) closed by Robert Ramey
invalid: look in src directory. You'll find xml_iarchive.cpp which refers …
9:28 PM Ticket #11784 (basic_xml_grammar.hpp) created by epsilonomega2k@…
After upgrading to 1.59 I get the following linker error when I try to …
1:20 PM Guidelines/ModerationRejection edited by Beman Dawes
Wording tweak (diff)
1:16 PM Guidelines/ModerationRejection created by Beman Dawes
Initial commit
1:00 PM WikiStart edited by Beman Dawes
Add link to Canned messages for rejected postings (diff)

Nov 3, 2015:

4:46 PM Ticket #11783 (distance between polygon) closed by awulkiew
1:17 PM Ticket #3897 (Test framework does not include <osreldate.h> before testing ...) closed by Raffi Enficiaud
fixed: Milestone set to 1.60, but fix appeared in 1.59.
1:13 PM Ticket #9228 (Patch to make Boost.Test work with RTTI disabled) closed by Raffi Enficiaud
fixed: Changing the milestone to 1.60, but was fixed in 1.59.
12:59 PM Ticket #7257 (Boost.Test alters and does not restore ostream precision after any ...) closed by Raffi Enficiaud
fixed: I just checked, and the fix should be visible in 1.59 already. Leaving …
8:49 AM Ticket #11783 (distance between polygon) created by brahim.boudamouz@…
Distance between polygon return 0 whereas it is not. For example, the …
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