Developer's Library Maintenance Checklist


  • Make changes to working copy.
    • Test case changes?
    • Code changes?
    • Documentation changes?

  • Test changes on working copy.
  • Run inspect on working copy.
  • Commit changes to trunk.
  • Merge changes from trunk to branches/release.
  • Update release history.
  • Update Trac ticket (if any).


Run inspect

Merge changes from trunk to branches/release

Update release history


There will be a file in that directory named boost_n_nn_n.qbk, where n_nn_n is the release number. Edit the [section Updated Libraries] portion of that file to add a description of changes to your library. For example:

* [phrase library..[@/libs/interprocess/index.html Interprocess]:]
 *  Updated documentation to show rvalue-references funcions instead of emulation functions.
 *  More non-copyable classes are now movable.
 *  Move-constructor and assignments now leave moved object in default-constructed state
    instead of just swapping contents.
 *  Several bugfixes ([@ #2391],
    [@ #2431],
    [@ #1390],
    [@ #2570],
    [@ #2528]).

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