Submission Template

All Google Summer of Code Submissions should include the following information. Submissions without all of the following information may be excluded from review. Hints for more information about writing SoC proposals see this page.

Personal Details

  • Name:
  • College/University?:
  • Course/Major?:
  • Degree Program (B.Sc., M, Sc., PhD, etc.)
  • Email:
  • Homepage:
  • Availability:
    • How much time do you plan to spend on your GSoC?
    • What are your intended start and end dates?
    • What other factors affect your availability (exams, courses, moving, work, etc.)?

Background Information

Please summarize your educational background (degrees earned, courses taken, etc.).

Please summarize your programming background (OSS projects, internships, jobs, etc.).

Please tell us a little about your programming interests. Please tell us why you are interested in contributing to the Boost C++ Libraries.

What is your interest in the project you are proposing?

Have you done any previous work in this area before or on similar projects?

What are your plans beyond this Summer of Code time frame for your proposed work?.

Please rate, from 0 to 5 (0 being no experience, 5 being expert), your knowledge of the following languages, technologies, or tools:

  • C++ 98/03 (traditional C++)
  • C++ 11/14 (modern C++)
  • C++ Standard Library
  • Boost C++ Libraries
  • Git

What software development environments are you most familiar with (Visual Studio, Eclipse, KDevelop, etc.)?

What software documentation tool are you most familiar with (Doxygen, DocBook, Quickbook, etc.)?

Project Proposal

Please provide a description of your proposed work.

Proposed Milestones and Schedule

Please provide estimated milestones and schedule for completing the proposed work.

Programming Competency

Please provide evidence of your programming competency. If your proposal is based on a precanned idea from the ideas page and that proposal provides a competency test, provide whatever the instructions asked for here.

If you have written any significant amounts of C++ code (at least one thousand lines minus comments and whitespace), provide links to those here. If you previously supplied such links to code to the GSoC admins, please supply them again in your application such that the community can review your coding abilities.

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