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weak_ptr & shared_ptr causes double "delete" -> crash

Reported by: thesaint1987@… Owned by: Peter Dimov
Milestone: To Be Determined Component: smart_ptr
Version: Boost 1.53.0 Severity: Problem
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I am not sure why this happens (VS2005 - VS2013) and specifically on windows (code compiles and runs fine on linux)...

The following is the boost code that is responsible:

void sp_counted_impl_p<T>::release() nothrow {

if( BOOST_INTERLOCKED_DECREMENT( &use_count_ ) == 0 ) {

dispose(); weak_release();



void sp_counted_impl_p<T>::weak_release() nothrow {

if( BOOST_INTERLOCKED_DECREMENT( &weak_count_ ) == 0 ) {




Look what MUST happen, when "use_count = 1" and "weak_count = 1".. It causes a double release which crashes the application. That was a real pain in the ass to track down and unfortunately I have nothing to specifically trigger this issue either. Just look at the code and it should be obvious that this is a race condition.

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Yeah I can now tell this issue persists in 1.56... Also I found a bug in my code. The issue was that I had two shared_ptr of which one was using a weak_ptr to the other. Then the one the weak_ptr pointed to got release by C++ before the other, so that the race condition above happened. I still think this should be fixed, because its obviously a race condition in boost too.

I solved the issue on my end by simply turning the weak_ptr into a shared_ptr and the original shared_ptr that the weak_ptr pointed to into a weak_ptr. This will force the correct release order at application exit upon boost and prevents the race condition from happening.

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