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timer/inspect execution failure w/ g++-4.9.2 on Solaris 11.2

Reported by: angela.xie@… Owned by: Beman Dawes
Milestone: Boost 1.59.0 Component: timer
Version: Boost 1.58.0 Severity: Problem
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Problem:timer/inspect test fails to execute with

1 duplicate bookmarks 13 broken links 1 files with a C-style assert macro

with g++4.9.2 on Solaris 11.2. Test fails with studio 12.4 as well.

Log of the run:

"../../../bin.v2/tools/inspect/build/gcc-4.8.2/release/link-static/inspect" /net/pontus/export/users/aixie/isv_test/boost_test/test_gcc/boost_1_57_0/libs/timer -text -brief > "../../../bin.v2/libs/timer/test/inspect.test/gcc-4.8.2/release/inspect.output" 2>&1



Boost Inspection Report Run Date: 00:16:28 UTC, Wednesday 04 February 2015


19 files scanned 11 directories scanned (including root) 15 problems reported

Problem counts:

0 files missing Boost license info or having wrong reference text 0 files missing copyright notice 0 files with invalid line endings 0 files that don't end with a newline 0 bookmarks with invalid characters 1 duplicate bookmarks 0 invalid urls 13 broken links 0 unlinked files 0 file and directory name issues 0 files with tabs 0 files with non-ASCII chars 0 files with Apple macros 1 files with a C-style assert macro 0 files with a deprecated BOOST macro 0 violations of the Boost min/max guidelines 0 usages of unnamed namespaces in headers (including .ipp files)

... |doc|


"cpu_timers.html": Broken link: ../example/auto_cpu_example.cpp Duplicate bookmark: format Unknown bookmark: #cpu_timer-format "original_timer.html": Broken link: ../../boost/timer.hpp Broken link: ../../boost/progress.hpp Broken link: ../../boost/timer.hpp Broken link: ../../boost/progress.hpp Broken link: ../utility/utility.htm#Class_noncopyable



"cpu_timer.cpp": C-style assert macro on line 107

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