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Problems building on NT & Linux

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I cant build the boost library (1.25.1) using jam in 
either NT or Linux. 

D:\boost_1_25_1>jam -d -f tools\build\allyourbase.jam -
Compiler is Microsoft Visual C++
warning: unknown rule project-root
warning: unknown rule subinclude
warning: unknown rule subinclude
warning: unknown rule subinclude
warning: unknown rule subinclude
don't know how to make -sTOOLS=msvc

If I remove the -d flag, it seems to drop into an 
infinite loop with the following message being 

warning: unknown rule split

Similar problem occurs under Linux with infinite loop. 
I've not yet checked with -d

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comment:1 Changed 17 years ago by jmaurer

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You may need to compile "jam" from the boost-enhanced
sources in tools/build/jam_src.

Also, try the latest 1.26.0 release of boost.

comment:2 Changed 17 years ago by david_abrahams

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It is not neccessary to recompile Jam; we have a pre-built 
installer for your platforms. Please see

Early versions of the build system were only in a 
preliminary state, though, and didn't work reliably. Jens 
is right that you may need a more recent version of the 
sources in the tools/build directory.
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