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compiler error using multi_array w/ <algorithm>

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[boost 1.30.2, gcc3.3.2]

Hi there,

when using multi_array I get compile time errors if I
try to use them with <algorithm> like this:

#include <algorithm>
#include <boost/multi_array.hpp>

int main () {
	//straight from the docs         
	typedef boost::multi_array<double, 3> array_type;
	typedef array_type::extent_range range;

	array_type::extent_gen extents;
	array_type A(extents[2][3][4]);
	//each of those will fail with
	//enough errors to fill a novel

	//read access
	std::find(A.begin(), A.end(), 42.);
	//write access
	std::fill(A.begin(), A.end(), 42.);

Is it my fault? I tried it with boost/array.hpp and it
worked, so I assumed it should work with multi-array, too.
So there are three possibilities:
	1.) I am a fool
	2.) multi_array fools me
	3.) gcc fools me
or any combination of those; could someone de-fool the
situation? :-)

compiler output attached

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The iterators of a three-dimensional multi_array iterate over 
two-dimensional subarrays, not over floats.  Does that help?

comment:2 Changed 15 years ago by dtrauma

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So it was 1.), indeed. After re-reading the docs, I think I
got misled by the Reference Manual, Invariants: "Iteration
through the range [a.begin(),a.end()) will traverse across
every value_type of a."

After reading the definition of value_type, it all gets clear.

Too bad, I'll have to get me another container, then.

Thanks for the quick help, sorry for the entropy in your inbox.
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