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I've searched the web and failed to find a parser
that can handle all of the following:
1) command line options
2) environment variables for options
3) resource file of options

Other niceties:
1) auto generate a "usage()" method
2) leverage XML or RDF
3) support groupings of options, so one config file
    can hold options for several programs
4) support all the standard C++ types
5) templates-based

I see boost has several pieces, but no unified parser.
Is this right?
Sure would like to see this.

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I wrote such a library (can handle command line and config 
file, should be extensible for other option sources, has
groups of options, options are typed, the implementation is 
template-based) and use it in my toy C++ projects 
(available on, but I'm not really 
satisfied with it - especially the option types are wrong 
(not extensible). I didn't work on it recently (it does the 
job, and I've already re-wrote it too many times), but if 
there's interest from (however potential) users, certainly 
we can discuss it (preferably via e-mail)...

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Boost now contains the ProgramOptions? library. Also, the ticket system is not the correct place for requests for libraries.

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