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boost.python.numeric docs out-of-date

Reported by: Stefan Seefeld Owned by: Dave Abrahams
Milestone: Boost 1.40.0 Component: python USE GITHUB
Version: Boost 1.39.0 Severity: Problem
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Reading I run into a number of invalid / outdated URLs. Notably, the above page starts with

"Provides access to the array types of Numerical Python's Numeric and NumArray? modules", but in one of the followup URLs I find

"numarray is being phased out and replaced by numpy".

Thus my questions:

Other than a fix to the above docs, does boost.python need any adjustments to work with numpy ? In fact, what is the relationship between the above (old) modules and numpy ? Reading some follow-up docs it appears as if the numpy array types grew out of Numeric / NumArray?. Sorry for those somewhat tangential questions. I believe at least some clarification on the boost.python documentation as to what exact array types it is able to bind to would be very helpful.

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