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asio::ssl::stream holds last 16K until shutdown IF last buffer is on 16K boundary

Reported by: anonymous Owned by: chris_kohlhoff
Milestone: To Be Determined Component: asio
Version: Boost 1.47.0 Severity: Showstopper
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boost::asio::ssl::stream<boost::asio::ip::tcp::socket> ssl_socket

when using boost::asio::async_write(ssl_socket, std::vector<boost::asio::const_buffer> ..)

the completion handler gets called but the last 16384 bytes will never be sent until you call shutdown on the socket. IF the last buffer's size is on 16K boundaries (ie 16K, 32K...)

(windows7 VS2010, 32 bit build), openssl 1.0.0d

Change History (2)

comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by chris_kohlhoff

(In [74817]) Change the SSL buffers sizes so that they're large enough to hold a complete TLS record. Refs #5854

comment:2 Changed 7 years ago by chris_kohlhoff

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

(In [74863]) Merge from trunk...

Fix compile error in regex overload of async_read_until.hpp. Fixes #5688

Explicitly specify the signal() function from the global namespace. Fixes #5722

Don't read the clock unless the heap is non-empty.

Change the SSL buffers sizes so that they're large enough to hold a complete TLS record. Fixes #5854

Make sure the synchronous null_buffers operations obey the user's non_blocking setting. Fixes #5756

Set size of select fd_set at runtime when using Windows.

Disable warning due to const qualifier being applied to function type.

Fix crash due to gcc_x86_fenced_block that shows up when using the Intel C++ compiler. Fixes #5763

Specialise operations for buffer sequences that are arrays of exactly two buffers.

Initialise all OpenSSL algorithms.

Fix error mapping when session is gracefully shut down.

Various performance improvements:

  • Split the task_io_service's run and poll code.
  • Use thread-local operation queues in single-threaded use cases (i.e. concurrency_hint is 1) to eliminate a lock/unlock pair.
  • Only fence block exit when a handler is being run directly out of the io_service.
  • Prefer x86 mfence-based fenced block when available.
  • Use a plain ol' long for the atomic_count when all thread support is disabled.
  • Allow some epoll_reactor speculative operations to be performed without holding the lock.
  • Improve locality of reference by performing an epoll_reactor's I/O operation immediately before the corresponding handler is called. This also improves scalability across CPUs when multiple threads are running the io_service.
  • Pass same error_code variable through to each operation's complete() function.
  • Optimise creation of and access to the io_service implementation.

Remove unused state in HTTP server examples.

Add latency test programs.

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