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Cannot access boost::filesystem namespace

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I am quite new to programming, however, I decided to
install the boost library as it looks very good.

The first two lines of my program are:
#include "boost/filesystem/operations.hpp"
#include "boost/filesystem/fstream.hpp" 

Yet when I include the statement:
using boost::filesystem;
just after, I get an error message saying:
"error C2873: 'boost::filesystem' : symbol cannot be
used in a using-declaration"

I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Where could I
have gone wrong? I have tried to find documentation
that will help, but I haven't found anything. I have
followed the installation to the letter.

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I think I have figured out the problem. I was missing the
keyword 'namespace', (which doesn't appear to be in the
example). Everything seems to be ok now, so please feel free
to delete this post.

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using namespace boost::filesystem;

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boost::filesystem is only a namespace, so you should
probably write 'using namespace boost::filesystem;'

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