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Boost.Build v2 build script help for evc4

Reported by: vividos Owned by: Vladimir Prus
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I'm currently porting various Boost libraries to evc4
and threw together a hacked version of the
msvc-tools.jam file that is using version 1. For the
next release I need help in creating a build script for
the version 2 of Boost.Build. I attached a somewhat
working version of my "evc4-stlport-tools.jam" file.

I don't know if I did everything alright. The
differences from evc4 to vc6 is:
- there is no /M switch specifying the runtime. It
always is "shared C runtime".
- for exe files, the parameter /entry:mainACRTStartup
must be specified for linking (this currently doesn't
- for the ARM architecture the following defines are
on: ARM, _ARM_, ARMV4
- The _STLP_DEBUG mode mustn't be defined, since the
ARM compiler has a compiler bug that prevents from
working code
- It's best to always specify /Zm800, since the
compiler is quickly getting out of memory errors.

Can anyone help in creating a toolset file for this
compiler? Thanks!

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I have been working on extending the BBv2 msvc.jam toolset
to support the WinCE platform. The work I have is available
at Maybe we could combine our
efforts. (It would be better to move this discussion to the
boost-build mailing list as then all the interested parties
can pool their efforts, especially as I would like to get
the this working with VC8 - which I have had limited success.)

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by msclrhd

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I have been working on providing support for VC8/WinCE -
check out the msvc.jam and msplatformsdk.jam files at for my current efforts.

- Reece

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The original submission is for V1, so I cannot do anything. Whatever V2 support possible there must be done by folks who have that system.

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