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Complete inability to install under HP-U

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I would have put this through the yahoo group, but I'm 
stuck behind a mind-bogglingly repressive firewall. SO 
I'll scream for help here, bearing in mind the dictum 
that in cyberspace no-one can hear you scream.

I have download 1.27.0, and am attempting to build and 
use Boost under HP-UX 11.00.

There are two problems, and I cannot tell if they are 
related or not. 

Firstly, the install instructions along the lines of

jam -sBOOST_ROOT=. -=sTOOLS="hpux"

simply produce the following (after I bodgied up a 

+: line 1304: yacc stack overflow at keyword }
don't know how to make all
...found 1 target...
...can't find 1 target...

after smacking my head on the desk for several days, 
I've given up on that one and attempted to build 
boost_1_27_0/libs/tuple/test/io_test.cpp using 

aCC -c +z +p $APP_INCLUDE -o io_test.o io_test.cpp

(where APP_INCLUDE is -I <yada/yada/yada> as 
appropriate) which results in 

"tuple_basic.hpp", line 290 # Cannot generate a 
specialization of incomplete template struct
        BOOST_STATIC_ASSERT(length<cons>::value == 
2); // check length =

and errors cascading after that. Looking at various 
messages and comments, I believe that someone 
somewhere has managed to get boost working under HP-
UX, but I'm dammned if I can. Help!

Oh yes, by the way, I'm stuck behind a repressive 
firewall and cannot even *read* the message archive at 
Yahoo, let alone subscribe / post! (Puts head down on 
desk and begins sobbing quietly)

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Sorry, we know this is an ancient issue, but the aCC 
compiler has always had so many bugs that nobody's been 
very successful getting Boost libraries to compile with it.
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