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Usage of uninitialized data member

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In the attached test case, data member basic_iarchive_impl::moveable_objects_recent is used before being initialized.

More specifically, the first call to basic_iarchive_impl::reset_object_address occurs before the first assignment of basic_iarchive_impl::moveable_objects_recent takes place (in basic_iarchive_impl::load_object).

The usage of uninitialized data can be detected using a memory checker such as valgrind, or a debugging environment which sets uninitialized memory to distinctive values, such as Visual C++.

I found this problem in 1.33.1 but I had a look at the 1.34 code in cvs and it does not appear to be fixed.  

In a tentative fix I initialized moveable_objects_recent in the basic_iarchive_impl constructor (to zero). This seems to work but I am not sure it is the right solution.  

This problem still occurs if the extra "i++" in basic_iarchive_impl::reset_object_address present in 1.33.1 is taken out.

This bug seems to be triggered by serializing a map whose values contain vectors.

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I ran the test against the version in the HEAD and found no problems.  
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