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Compilation error on MSVC 6

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When i compile project including boost i receive 
error, connected with pool's ct_gcd_helper<A,B,0> 
definition sintax - error 
C2989: 'ct_gcd_helper<A,B,0>' : template class has 
already been defined as a non-template class. 
Is it work with MSVC? Have i to make any changes in 


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comment:1 Changed 16 years ago by Daryle Walker

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The message says it's for a detail-level file in the Pool library, not part of the 
Integer library.  That file, <boost/pool/detail/ct_gcd_lcm.hpp>, should be 
maintained by Stephen Cleary.

Not to be completely worthless to you, I looked at the file.  The class in 
question should be blocked to compilers without partial specialization of 
class templates.  I thought MSVC-6 was one of those compilers.  If not, 
maybe the user's configuration is messed up.

comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by Daryle Walker

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Since it has been 3 years, and I still have no way of fixing it, I asked about this issue on the Boost 
mailing list.  John Maddock suggested:

Given that the issue was filed in 2002, and since the Pool lib is currently passing it's regression test 
with VC6, I suggest you close it down as either "works for me" or "won't fix".

And that's what I'll do, except I'll use "out of date" as the reason.

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