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config_info ambiguity error

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  I am doing internal testing on a pre-release version 
of the Borland C++ compiler.
  config/test/config_info.cpp generates an ambiguity 
with Borland C++ 5.5.1 when using the STLPort library 
in place of the currently shipping RogueWave.  I see 
that other highly-conformant compilers are also 
failing this test.  I have confirmed that with g++ 
2.95 the error given is the same as the error I see 
with Borland's compiler (w/STLPort).
  Here is a code sample that I narrowed from 

template<class S,class>class AA: unary_function <int, 
template<class S,class T>AA<S,T>mem_fun(S(T::*)()const)
class BB{public:void ff()const{}};
void test(){mem_fun(BB::ff);}

Error E2015 config_test.cpp 6: Ambiguity 
between '_STL::_STL::const_mem_fun_t<BB> 
mem_fun<void,BB>(void (BB::*)() const)' 
and 'AA<void,BB> mem_fun<void,BB>(void (BB::*)() 
const)' in function test()

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comment:1 Changed 17 years ago by beman_dawes

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I've forwarded this one to John Maddock; he is Boost's 
config expert.



comment:2 Changed 17 years ago by jmaurer

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The test case you gave above is invalid in at least
two respects:

1. unary_function is used without std:: qualification.
2. You're trying to get the address of a non-static member
function without using the address-of operator.

Also, I doubt you're having a problem with config_info.cpp.
It's more likely config_test.cpp.  Please post a new bug
report showing the compiler command line you're using with
the unmodified boost code (what version?), and the error
message you get with gcc.  What OS do you use?

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