This page details the PDF build of the boost documentation.

Currenly builds in doc/pdf should be stable when XEP is used as the FO processor.

Downloads of PDF's for the last release are available from sf download page at

SVN commit 51104 to trunk provides the basic support: improved fo.xsl stylesheet, tweaked individual Jamfiles so they find their images etc when being built as a PDF, and adds doc/pdf/Jamfile.v2 to build all boost libraries that can be as individual PDF's.

The following default build options have been added to the fo.xsl stylesheet customisation layer:

  • No indent on body text (we need all the horrizontal space we can get for code blocks).
  • Left and right page margins 0.5in - a little small, but as above we need all the space we can get.
  • Paper type is A4 - it's an ISO standard, and just a little smaller than US letter, so should print OK on both.
  • Draft mode is turned off so we don't go after draft.png just in case.
  • SVG graphics are used for admonishments.
  • Default path to search for images (if not overridden in a library's Jamfile) is the SVN repository.


  • Currently only RenderX's XEP FO processor will build all the docs correctly, Apache FOP is *still* not mature enough :-(
  • Error handling in FO processors is currently verging on non-existant, it's currently necessary to check the build log manually for missing images and suchlike. Detecting truncation/overflow of content requires manual proof reading of the PDF's which is clearly impractical for "all of Boost".


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