Implementing a mini Boost Fusion in C++0x

Getting GCC 4.3

For Windows users: MinGW is the fastest way to get GCC 4.3.

The quickest approach is to download from this page and extract it into C:\.

Or, you can use the normal MinGW installer and download the GCC 4.3 binaries separately:

1) Download the automated installer for MINGW, here:

When running the installer, you only need to install the "minimal" set of files.

2) Download the "core" and "g++" GCC 4.3.0 binaries from here:

3) Unzip the two files over top of your MINGW distribution, which replaces the default (ancient) compiler with GCC 4.3.

4) Try to compile a simple program, e.g., "static_assert(false, "It works!");" with

c:\mingw\bin\g++ -std=c++0x foo.cpp

For Mac users: MacPorts? has a version of GCC 4.3, which should be installable with:

sudo port install gcc43

Fink also has a version of GCC 4.3 in the unstable distribution. Once you've configured for the unstable distribution, use:

fink install gcc43

For Linux users: You can build GCC 4.3 on your own (get the source at, or perhaps be lucky enough to find a binary for your particular distribution.

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