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Note that that page is now fully deprecated. The new page (and new project) is CMakeModularizationStatus. The following is just kept for historical reasons.


Boost.Cmake is an alternative build system for Boost based on CMake, a cross-platform, open-source make system. This system is designed to build Boost as it appears in its official monolithic SVN repository.

A modularized version of Boost, also using CMake—where each library and component lives in its own Git repository—is being developed separately by the Ryppl project.

Mailing list

Join the boost-cmake mailing list here:


Discuss boost-cmake on IRC in #alt.boost.

Source Control

Boost.CMake development is *not* happening in subversion. The code is in the git archive at


The latest release tag is 1.41.0.cmake0 (Nov 18, 2009).


The cmake build for 1.41.0 is released! Get it:

See the doc in the 'doc' subdirectory of the URL above.


The cmake build in the standard boost distribution tarball for 1.40.0 is BROKEN



As well as inside the tarball in the directory tools/build/CMake/docs/build/html/index.html

Source Control

The cmake distribution for 1.40.0 is on a branch in a git repository on

Or you can download from the git repository, the direct download link for a 1.40.0 cmake-buildable tarball is on this page::

As usual, patches to the code and/or documentation are gratefully accepted. If you make a clone of the git repository, push your patches and make a merge request, even better.

1.39.0 and 1.38.0

See the notes by version.


Ongoing Development

Old Stuff

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