Please follow the following proposal structure. Pressing Edit and copying and pasting the markup is usually easiest.

No. Title

Potential mentors: names


Explanation of proposal background, history etc with hyperlinks.

GSoC project proposal

Bullet points of items to complete for the GSoC.

Potential project extension funded by Boost

Not as much detail as the GSoC proposal itself, but enough detail that such an extension could be specced out.

If there is no good extension, simply say N/A here.

Programming competency test

Some code for them to write to prove they can program sufficiently. Ideally it should be a small part of the proposal itself modifying real Boost library code, but there is nothing wrong with an actual exam paper, except that maybe they might cheat if you give them too much time and flexibility in when to do it, so if setting an exam question make sure you say here it will be written and set to interested students on some date after GSoC applications close and they'll get X days to finish it.

How they submit their results is up to you. They can append them to their project proposal, or provide a gist, or email them to you for marking, or whatever.

If there is no programming competency test, please add your proposal to the second section below the special section for proposals without competency testing.

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