Administrative Privileges for public library repositories

Modular Boost uses per library administrative privileges (e.g. write access).

To gain write access to a particular Boost library, open an "admin" issue.


GitHub handles permissions via teams. The first time a library maintainer requests write access, a team is set up with the same name as the library, with push and pull permission for the library's public repository. The library maintainer can request other developers be added to the team by opening an issues that identifies their GitHub user name.

Admin team and repository

boostorg has a team called "admin" and a repository called "admin". with the repo assigned to the team. The team (right now, and subject to adjustment) is Dave Abrahams, Daniel Pfeifer, Beman Dawes, and Eric Niebler. They are also on the special "owners" team for the boostorg organization. According to the GitHub docs, the team will receive email for every issue opened on that tracker.

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