Platform Champions Page

Platform champions are experts that Boost developers can turn to when they have a problem with a particular compiler or operating system. Whether it is a question about configurations, features, or submitting a bug report to the compiler supplier, these folks know the ropes for the platform.

If you are knowledgeable about at platform, and would like to be a platform champion, please add yourself to the list!

Win32Intel C++John Maddockjohn - at - Intel support account
ARM Linuxg++Phil Endecottboost_spam at
Win32Borland/CodeGear? C++David Deansiliconman - at -
WinCEMSVCUlrich Eckhardtdoomster at
Tru64cxxMarkus Schöpflinmarkus dot schoepflin - at -
Mac OS XgccMarshall Clowmarshall - at -
FreeBSDg++Bruce Simpsonbms - at -
Cray CLEcray c++Richard Dalersd - at -
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