Patches for specific release problems

This is an experiment. Please send feedback on usefulness to the Boost Developers list.

Boost developers make some bug fixes available in the form of patches.

  • Patches are specific to the indicated Boost release, and may not work correctly or at all for other releases.
  • Patches assume that prior (lower numbered) changeset patches for the library have been applied.
  • Patches are not tested as rigorously as releases. It is safer to only apply patches if you actually need them.
  • Patches are generally only supplied for code contained entirely in headers.
  • Backing up before applying patches is recommended.

Release 1.36.0

Library Changeset Description
Filesystem 48192 Restore deprecated basic_directory_entry functions inadvertently omitted from 1.36.0.
Filesystem 48374 Restore deprecated functions has_branch_path and has_leaf, inadvertently omitted from 1.36.0
Filesystem 48377 Revert remove changes inadvertently committed by 47006 and fully apply ticket #1972 remove fixes.
Filesystem 48462 Fix filesystem/convenience.hpp compile errors when BOOST_FILESYSTEM_NO_DEPRECATED is defined.
Xpressive 48141 Fix problem with case-insensitive alternation.

Instructions for applying patches

Prerequisite: The patch command line utility. patch is preinstalled on Mac OS X and most Linux or Unix systems. For Windows, it may already be installed as part of the Cygwin package, or a stand-alone version is available from the GNU Win32 project on SourceForge.

  • In the table, click the link for the desired Changeset.
  • On the bottom of the Changeset page, click on "Download in other formats: Unified Diff".
  • Open a command prompt window using your operating system. Enter these two commands, replacing boost-root with the path to your Boost installation, download-path with the path to your download directory, and # with the changeset number:
cd boost-root
patch -p 2 <download-path/changeset_r#.diff

Note the "<" before the location of the download-path. If you forget it, patch will hang waiting for console input.

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