Sandbox Template

The purpose of the sandbox template is to help developers start a new Boost project, by providing them with appropriate files (such as sample source, test, example, and documentation files) and directory structure that follow Boost guidelines.

Currently, the template is implemented using FileTemplate, a simple Python-based template processor which can incorporate project-specific information (such as the list of authors and the name of the library) into the generated project.

The FileTemplate source is located in the Boost subversion under the [source:sandbox/template_under_construction/] directory, with the documentation and test source under [source:sandbox/template_under_construction/file_template/], and the sandbox template under [source:sandbox/template_under_construction/sandbox/].

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A built version of the HTML docs has also been included in the repository under [source:sandbox/template_under_construction/file_template/libs/file_template/doc/html].

Please note that FileTemplate and the sandbox template have not been heavily tested. If you are starting a new Boost project and decide to use the template, your feedback would be much appreciated! Feel free to add your impressions and suggestions below, or post them on the Boost developer mailing list.


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