Conversion of the Subversion repository to Git public repositories

As part of the process of moving to modularized Boost, the single Subversion repository at will be converted to multiple public Git repositories hosted at GitHub:

Individual Libraries

The directory structure of each individual Boost library will be the same as the library's current svn boost-root/libs/lib-name directory structure, except that it will also include a new sub-directory tree include/boost/ containing the library's header files. For details, see Getting Started with Modular Boost Library Development using Git.

At conversion, each individual Boost library's public repository will contain two branches, master, converted from Subversion branches/release, and develop, converted from trunk. The library maintainer may want to add other branches, as described in Getting Started with Modular Boost Library Development Workflow.

The master and develop branches will have full history corresponding to svn history from branches/release and trunk respectively. Information about the history conversion is available here.

Administrative Privileges

Each library's public repository will have its own set of maintainers with write privileges. See Library Administrative Privileges.

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