Improving Boost Docs Project

Boost Docs Repository



  • sandbox
    The playground for the Improving Boost Docs project. It acts as the Boost sandbox for this project.
  • branches
  • tags
    Almost stable releases.
  • trunk
    This is where active development is taking place. If you do not want to be at the cutting edge, check out one of the (slightly more) stable tags. The structure is the same as Boost, allowing the overwriting of changed files from the main trunk.
    • doc
      • doc_test
        A document that exercise all the possibles structures we will use. This document is used for testing purposes. See the browser-testing chart page.
      • javascript
        New docs will include powerful navigation, style selectors and other useful dynamic tools to assist the user.
      • style
        Boost docs will point to this folder to give the standard look and feel.
        • html
          CSS Stylesheets, images and all other resources for HTML docs.
        • pdf
    • libs
      • library name
        • doc
          Our current work on translating docs to docbook resides here.
    • tools
      Modified files of Boost docs tools

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