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Table of contents

  1. Subprojects organization
  2. Projects waiting for developers
  3. Projects in progress
  4. Important External Projects

Subprojects organization

The branch organization presented here is based on the discussion in the Boost dev list about the best way to organize the main Boost repository. Since we must define our work methodology, this subproject can be used as a proof of concept.

Projects (such as the translation effort) are being committed directly to the Boost Docs project trunk. The repository is in the following location:

The Docs project can not affect the work of other people. If we commit a buggy version of a subproject to the trunk, we can bother the work of other users! To avoid this, we will use the trunk as a merging repository. Each subproject will have its own repository placed at:

The organization will be the same for each subproject

  • subproject_name
    • branches
    • tags
      We will use dates to specify not so buggy versions with the format: subproject_name_yyyy-mm-dd
      Example: boostbook_2007-06-28
    • trunk
      Development branch for the subproject.
      • doc
      • example
      • test

There are some subprojects that must be integrated in the Boost Docs trunk repository, such as Improving Boostbook and Stylesheets projects. When you feel confident with a given version, you can simply copy the last tag of your subproject to the main trunk.

Each subproject has a Wiki page with additional information.

Projects waiting for developers

If you are interested, please send a mail to the Boost-docs list telling us you want to help.

Help wanted

  • Boost Specific WikiMacros
    Write a simple proposal for new Boost-specific WikiMacros. Proposals should include the rationale behind each decision and the implementation of each proposed macro.

  • Google Search Box Project
    We need help with the Google Search Box that appears in the banner. Our idea is to use a Linked CSE Custom Google Search, an XML-based approach that allows us to specify the generated search page.
    We need to investigate the Linked CSE technology and came up with a tested XML definition for our libs.

  • Quickbook WikiProcessor
    A Trac WikiProcessor written in Python that integrates Rene Rivera's HTML backend in the Trac Wiki.

  • Syntax highlighting project
    This project consists of checking that the colors are right. Workers will also create color schemas for missing IDEs. When this first task is finished, this project will determine a default syntax highlighting scheme for Boost. This color scheme may be a combination of existing schemes.

  • Trac Syntax Coloring
    Trac can be extended to support coloring of source code both in the Wiki and while browsing the repository.
    The project will consist in developing style definitions for common Boost file extensions (.hpp, .xml, etc) so Trac correctly performs source coloring.

Projects in progress

  • Boost.DocTest
    A Quickbook based document that exercise all possible constructs.
    Eric Niebler, Joel de Guzman, John Maddock, Matias Capeletto, Paul Bristow
    Eric Niebler Joel de Guzman John Maddock Matias Capeletto Paul Bristow

  • Boost HTML Stylesheet
    As part of the Unified Look & Feel Project, we are making a standard CSS file that can be used in Boost HTML docs.
    Rene Rivera, Matias Capeletto, Joel de Guzman
    Rene Rivera Matias Capeletto Joel de Guzman

  • Boost Kate Support
    Syntax coloring, auto-commet and folding support for Boost C++, Quickbook and Jamfiles.
    Matias Capeletto
    Matias Capeletto

  • Boost PDF Stylesheet
    Another project member of the Unified Look & Feel Project. We will adapt the PDF look and feel to be as close as possible to the HTML generated docs (but not closer, because PDF design rationale is different from HTML design decisions.
    John Maddock
    John Maddock

  • Boost Trac Stylesheet
    Once we settled down with a look and feel for our docs, we will tuned the Trac CSS to match it. We have started by doing some testing.
    Douglas Gregor, Matias Capeletto
    Douglas Gregor Matias Capeletto

  • Boostscript
    Javascript library used by Boostbook to achieve things like dynamic selection of syntax coloring, easy navigation of Boost docs, and old browser fixes.
    Matias Capeletto
    Matias Capeletto

  • HTML to docbook
    We are looking for solution to convert normal HTML into Docbook files.
    Glyn Matthews
    Glyn Matthews

  • Quickbook source stylesheet
    We are developing a CSS file that allows a Boostbook-based HTML as Quickbook source in a common browser.
    Rene Rivera, Matias Capeletto
    Rene Rivera Matias Capeletto

  • SVG icons set project
    Find scalable vector graphics icons for navigation and admonitions. These can be used in PDF and HTML output.
    Peter Foley

Important External Projects

These projects are independent from the "Improving Boost Docs" umbrella. They are included here because they are helpful to this project. If you are a developer from one of the projects, feel free to move them to the list above!

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