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Generate Glue docs that sees boost as one tied entity, providing real-world examples, best practices for common tasks and tutorials about how to combine Boost libraries together to build high-quality C++ applications


Boost libraries documentation are an impressive tool to learn about how individual libraries work. However we are missing integration documentation, that sees boost as a whole. How do we do common task, which libraries are powerful when combined, real life examples; are important documentation we can not expect boost authors to provide.

The Glue Docs project objective is to build the necessary meta-library documentation for Boost.

We will need a lot of help to achieve this goal, and we want this project to be an always evolving beast: growing towards more simple, more useful and easy to eat documentation.

The vault

The Glue Docs Vault is a chest that contains documentation shared by the community. All docs will required to be written in Quickbook to help us integrate them, and to be licensed under the Boost Software License.

You can there what ever you feel is useful.

Revised Glue Docs

We will periodically check the vault to upgrade the most useful documentation to a revised status. This will help users navigate through the documentation and find what he needed.

When upgrading a documentation may suffer various modifications to be integrated in the Glue docs, so they look for the user as one unity. If you want your vault version to be upgraded in short time, please follow the Documentation Best Practices. Additionally, before writting your docs. Check the layout (i.e. sections names) of similar documentation already included in the Revised Glue Docs and try to stick to it.

Help wanted

We need experienced Boost users to provide us with real life examples and to write docs about their everyday tasks using boost.

We need teachers to help us find the best ways to get people understand how things work.

We need newbie users to read our docs and tell us where they have problems.

We need you, go to the Glue Docs Vault and share with us your knowledge.

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