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  1. Introduction
  2. Tests Table
  3. Tests Description
  4. Tester manager
  5. Active Testers


Jump in! Help us keep this table up to date! All of the tests must be performed against the latest iteration of the Boost.DocTest document.

Note for testers: We need to investigate this service: Browser Shots.

Reference for Test Results:

  • pass: Hurray!
  • fail : A fix is needed. Please leave a comment with a description of the problem.
  • unsupported: We do not intend to support this feature. In order to use this tag, the browser must degrade gracefully (If not, the test fails)

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Tests Table

  Linux Windows XP/Vista Mac OS X
Browser Firefox 2 Opera 9 Konqueror Firefox 2 IE 6 IE 7 Firefox 2 Camino 1.5 Safari 3
Test date 07/07/07 07/07/07 07/07/07 06/07/07 28/06/07 06/07/07 28/06/07 28/06/07 28/06/07
Tester Marco Marco Marco Matias (XP) Chun (Vista) Matias (XP) Cedric (XP) Chun (Vista) Stuart Stuart Stuart
Tests pass pass pass pass pass fail pass pass fail -4-
Quickbook source css pass pass unsupported -3- pass unsupported unsupported pass unsupported unsupported
IDE selector box pass pass pass pass unsupported fail -1- pass pass fail -4-
Box wrappers pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass
Grouped Links select boxes pass pass pass -2- pass pass fail -5- pass pass -2- fail -4-
Google search box pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass
Spirit navigation arrows pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass
Footer pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass
  • 1. ( Windows XP - IE 7 ) The button to choose the IDE don't show anymore (it degrades beautifully) and there is a javascript error: 'navigator.vendor' is null or isn't an object. (Was: If you don't click in the browser windows (not on the scroll bar, you need to click inside the web page), the loading is stopped and you got the VS style and your browser says (1 element left) Waiting for .../code_bloc with the progresse bar struck in the middle)
  • 2. ( Mac OS X - Camino, Safari ; Linux - Konqueror ) Grouped Links select boxes: All passed functionally, although the cosmetics of the drop down list vary. Safari (all black on white, headings in bold); Camino (all black on white, no distinguishing between section headers and individual libraries); Konqueror (all dark green over light green, no distinguishing between section headers and individual libraries)
  • 3. ( Linux - Konqueror ) It is very usable, it only fails on tables, and it is a very small bug.
  • 4. ( Mac OS X - Safari ) No IDE selectors or Grouped Link select boxes are shown. Evidence indicates Javascript errors.
  • 5. ( Windows XP - IE 7 ) Was working before, but not anymore. The search boost text over the google search box also disapeared.

Tests Description

Important''' If you include tests in the "Test Table", add an entry to this table!

Test Description How to test
Quickbook source CSS Conversion tool: docbook based HTML to quickbook Go to "View"-->"Page Style"-->"Quickbook Source" and check that everything looks fine
IDE selector box Select the syntax highlighting to match the user IDE Go to the right-top corner of a code block and check that IDE bubbles appear, then click in one and check that the colors have changed. Reload the page to check that the selected IDE was stored in the cookie. You should see something like this
Box wrappers Allow block to be rendered with round corners and shadows. Check that blocks are rendered OK.
Grouped Links select boxes Banner select boxes to jump between libraries and sections Check both select boxes
Google search box Google search box that works as an index for the current library or for all boost docs Check that the input box appears in the banner and perform a search. For now do not test the google search page
Spirit navigation arrows Little arrows that lets us navigate our docs Check that they are displayed correctly and that they do what it is expected
Footer Copyright, date and validation stuff Check that it is displayed correctly

Tester manager

Stuart Dootson
Stuart Dootson
stuart dot dootson at gmail dot com
Mac OS X: Firefox 2, Camino 1.5, Safari 3

Active Testers

Cédric Venet
Cédric Venet
Linked In Profile
cedric dot venet at student dot ecp dot fr
Windows XP: IE 7

Chun Ping Wang
Chun Ping Wang
cablepuff at gmail dot com
Windows Vista Home Premium: IE 7, Firefox 2

Matias Capeletto
Matias Capeletto
Ohloh Statistics
Linked In Profile
matias dot capeletto at gmail dot com
Linux: Firefox 2, Konqueror, Opera 9.21
Windows XP: Firefox 2, IE 6

mrcekets at gmail dot com
Linux: Firefox 2, Konqueror, Opera 9.21

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