Improving Boost Docs Project

Unified Look and Feel Project

Integrate Boost documents and resources with a common look and feel.

Table of contents

  1. HTML docs
    1. Check out the new style
    2. Some of the new features
    3. Known issues
    4. Subprojects
  2. PDF docs
  3. Trac

HTML docs

Check out the new style

You can see the latest iteration of the new style here.

If you checkout boost from the SVN repository, you can build docs with the new style by switching the boostbook directory to the updated version in the sandbox. To switch, go to the tools/boostbook directory of your checked out boost working copy, and depending on whether you check out using http or https, execute one of the following:

      svn switch .
 (or) svn switch .

This will make the boostbook subdirectories be synchronized with the new style. After switching, you may also need to update your docbook/fop tools by using one of the setup_boostbook scripts in the boostbook subdirectory.

To switch back, return to the boostbook subdirectory and execute:

      svn switch .
 (or) svn switch .

To use the new style, you may need to modify to your Jamfile. The root directory containing doc/style, doc/javascript, etc. may be specified with a line something like:


Some of the new features

  • Validated XHTML 1.1 output (better than strict XHTML)
  • New header and footer based on
  • GroupedLinks select boxes for Boost libraries and quick jumps to sections.
  • Google Search box for our docs.
  • Box-wrapper-based blurbs that allow us to include rounded corners, drop shadows, etc.
  • Highlighting of alternative syntax that simulates your own IDE (move the mouse to the upper righthand corner of a code block)
  • Chapter logo support
  • Modular CSS design
  • CSS-based admonitions and navigation graphics
  • Quickbook source stylesheet

Known issues


The following subprojects deal with HTML documents

PDF docs

PDF stylesheet matches the ULF.

Look for the following subprojects:


Trac stylesheet that matches the ULF of Boost.


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