Improving Boost Docs Project

Syntax Highlighting


We now have the option of dynamically changing the syntax-highlighting to the colors of our favorite IDE while reading the docs (Move the mouse to the upper righthand corner and click on the bubbles; see here for more information.)


Identify the most commonly used IDEs so that we include them in our docs. There must be no more than ten possible options. Maybe we can choose only five or six.

Check that the colors are right, and make the color set for the missing IDEs. When this first task is finished, we must came up with a default syntax-highlighting scheme for Boost that may be a combination of the others. We need to choose the colors, the font weight, etc, and write a rationale for the future (discussion at boost-docs).

Help wanted

If you are interested, please send an email to the boost-docs list telling us that you want to help.

Help wanted

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