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Boost Trac Wiki processors


It will be excellent if I could write directly in Quickbook syntax in the Trac wiki. This would allow us to have an uniform syntax in our wiki and docs sources, allowing copying and pasting, share stylesheets, etc.

An example of the usage will be:


[heading Quickbook Rocks!]


[[Feature               ][Purpose                                   ]]

[[Templates             ][Extensibility and constants               ]]
[[Code import           ][Code consistency, callouts and reuse      ]]
[[Wiki-style formatting ][High signal-to-noise ratio in source code ]]
[[Internal links        ][Easy-to-use inter-doc anchors             ]]
[[Syntax-highlighting   ][Both in code blocks and in `inline code`  ]]


From some initial research we need two things:


To complete the second point from the above list. Rene could then use it to test his work and we will have a very good reason to finish the backend.

A second task will be to look into the Trac processor bazaar to investigate what might be useful for us. (Take a look at docbook, graphviz and latex-math].)

Help wanted

If you are interested, please send an email to the boost-docs list telling us that you want to help.

Help wanted

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