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Boost Kate Support

boost::hs is a syntax-highlighting system for C++, doxygen, Boost.Build jamfiles and Quickbook.


Quickbook table in an ordinary text editor

Quickbook table in a common text editor

Quickbook table in Kate with boost::hs

Quickbook table in Kate

Integration in Boost Doc Tools

boost::hs::quickbook now has a section in Quickbook docs. It is included in the main Boost SVN at:



You can download boost::hs here.

boost::hs has its own page here.

The Quickbook KDE support section is here.

Future work

  • Add more Boost libraries to boost::hs::cpp.
  • Support for DSELs. For example: Spirit, Proto, regular expressions.

There is an ongoing effort to push boost::hs upstream to the KatePart project. In a few months, KDE may have native Quickbook and Jamfiles support! For the moment you must download and install it.

Sources will be moved to the subprojects repository soon.

Active developers

Matias Capeletto
Matias Capeletto
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