Improving Boost Docs Project

Improving Boost Docs Tool chain

Improve the docs tool chain, simplifying and integrating it lowering the barrier for people willing to help us.

Develop tools to automate common task, and to make life easier to boost authors. Docs writers should concentrate on generating content and not on figthing with tools.

Work to make doc tools boost-agnostic. We believe that they are useful beyond the boost community, and would welcome anyone who wishes to use, extend or support them.

Boost.Build support
Integration of new tools into the boost build system. It will be nice to have a Boost.Build expert to work with us.
John Maddock
John Maddock

Improving Boostbook
Simplify and integrate new stuff from the project into Boostbook stylesheets.
Douglas Gregor, Matias Capeletto
Douglas Gregor Matias Capeletto

Improving Quickbook
Make quickbook more powerful, flexible and simple.
Eric Niebler, Joel de Guzman, Rene Rivera, Matias Capeletto
Eric Niebler Joel de Guzman Rene Rivera Matias Capeletto

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