Improving Boost Docs Project

Boost Docs Translations

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Translation Guide
  3. Organization in the repository
  4. HTML to Quickbook translations
    1. Finished work
    2. Ongoing
    3. Pending
    4. Authozarization from author needed
  5. Boostbook to Quickbook translations
    1. Ongoing
    2. Pending
  6. Translators


The translated docs will be located in: SVN: sandbox/boost_docs/trunk/libs/lib_name/doc

Once they are stable, the lib author will be invited to see the results and commit them to the correct location SVN: boost/libs/lib_name/doc

Translation Guide

To translate HTML docs we should wait for the result of Glyn Matthews's HTML to docbook project.

Once we have docbook docs, if the authors wants to have a Quickbook version of it (really recommended), we can use the Quickbook source stylesheet.

Others worth projects for translators are Boost Kate Support and Trac Syntax Coloring for Quickbook.

Organization in the repository

Go to the docs organization proposal page.

SVN: sandbox/boost_docs/trunk/libs/lib_name

HTML to Quickbook translations

Finished work

  • optional (by Matias Capeletto)
  • numeric_conversion (by Matias Capeletto)
  • config (by Matias Capeletto)


  • bind (assigned to Glyn Matthews)
  • graph (assigned to Andrew Sutton)
  • mem_fun (assigned to Glyn Matthews)
  • smart_ptr (assigned to Stjepan Rajko)


  • enable_if
  • python
  • serialization
  • spirit
  • statechart
  • wave

Authozarization from author needed

  • compatibility
  • crc
  • dynamic_bitset
  • integer
  • pool
  • random
  • rational
  • timer
  • tokenizer

Boostbook to Quickbook translations

This translations are low priority for now.


  • boostbook (assigned to Matias Capeletto)
  • range (assigned to Darren Garvey)
  • tribool (assigned to Darren Garvey)


  • assign
  • function
  • multi_array reference
  • ptr_container
  • string_algo
  • signals


Andrew Sutton
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asutton at cs dot kent dot edu

Darren Garvey
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Glyn Matthews
Glyn Matthews
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glyn dot matthews at gmail dot com

Matias Capeletto
Matias Capeletto
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Stjepan Rajko
Stjepan Rajko
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stjepan dot rajko at gmail dot com

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